The Birth of The Bruffin™ Pastry: Our Story

michael-medy-540Shortly after opening Fav’s Treatery, the parent company of The Bruffin™, we saw the need for a meal that was easy to consume on the run, only used all-natural ingredients, and tasted so good you’d want to enjoy it often. Satisfying all of these high standards, The Bruffin™ began life as the bacon and cheese “Breakfast Muffin”; however, we didn’t want The Bruffin™ to be heavy and cake-ish like a traditional muffin.

Determined to find the solution, we set out to develop a proprietary base that was light and flaky in texture, concocting a special pastry in which any number of ingredients could be combined to create the perfect muffin-shaped meal.

Received with wild enthusiasm, The Bruffin™ pastry quickly distinguished itself as the “most likely to succeed” of Fav’s treats for its unique composition and versatility. Since the creation was so beloved, we began efforts to trademark it, galvanizing a unique brand anchored in quality, convenience, and variety that would span the hours of the day to satisfy your cravings for sweet or savory delights.

Inspired by our own travels abroad and mutual love for various cultural cuisines, we decided to launch an internationally themed Bruffin™ pastry collection featuring delicious ingredients that represent countries around the globe.

We hope you love what we’ve created together—and that you enjoy every morsel of your culinary globe-trot with The Bruffin™.

Bon Voyage!

Medy and Michael